About Dehes Ministries

Dehes Ministries is the evangelistic ministry of Evangelist Sebastian Sugiarto. Dehes Ministries was established in respond to the call of God to reach out to the unreached Dayak natives in Central Kalimantan and to support the pioneering pastors who are serving in that region. All of God’s people, including Ev Sebastian Sugiarto, who have been involved in the ongoing operation of Dehes Ministries are not salaried.

All offerings and financial supports that are given to Dehes Ministries are directly channeled to facilitate the purposes of God as stated.


Evangelist Sebastian Sugiarto is an ordained Minister of the Assembly of God (AOG) Indonesia/Gereja Sidang-Sidang Jemaat Allah di Indonesia. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior in Jakarta in 1974. Sebastian was still very productive in his secular work as a businessman when God called him to do His work. The call started when he followed a pastor on a mission trip to Kalimantan and East Timor, and it was in Kalimantan that God confirmed His calling for Sebastian to reach the natives Dayaks in that region for Him. The calling to minister to the Dayaks grew stronger and stronger after Sebastian and his family migrated to Australia in 1995. One morning, God appeared strongly in his prayer to reconfirm His calling on his life. Since that day, Sebastian gave his commitment wholeheartedly to serve His Lord.

Sebastian began his ministry by sharing his testimonies from house to house in Kalimantan. In addition to that, he was also ministering in the AOG churches throughout Indonesia. The calling as an Evangelist is very evident in his life and God has continued to bless and increase his ministry in many profound ways.

Sebastian founded Dehes Ministries in the year 2000, and since then he has faithfully managed Dehes from Indonesia and Australia. The focus of Dehes Ministries was to reach the lost in Kalimantan. Since the start of the new millennium, through a host of major events in Central Kalimantan, God stirred Sebastian’s heart to build a mission base in Dehes. The vision was strategic as interior Kalimantan was very remote and it would be extremely difficult to minister in this region without a base to stopover whilst traveling from village to village along the Samba River. A mission base would also be ideal as a gathering place for the pastors who are serving the Lord in Kalimantan to come together to be built up and refreshed.

In 2001, Dehes Ministries purchased a block of land of approximately 6.5 hectares. In Oct 2001 Sebastian commissioned the construction of the mission base and with the support of God’s faithful believers, the mission base was completed by June 2005. It was a watershed year for Dehes Ministries because it defies the skepticism of many people who thought the project was impossible to complete when it was initiated.

“TO WITNESS, TO SAVE and TO BUILD FOR CHRIST” – that is the vision and focus of Dehes Ministries. Since the completion of Dehes Mission Base, Sebastian has continuously run discipleship programs for the local believers and new converts in Kalimantan. As part of these discipleship-training programs, Sebastian has been inviting pastors from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to build-up and prepares God’s people in this region to reap the harvest for Him in Kalimantan. Besides these, Sebastian has also conducted soul-winning projects which include open air crusades and city-wide meetings in Kalimantan.

Sebastian Sugiarto is known as one with a burning passion for the Gospel, a vision for Kalimantan and a message for the region. His heartbeat is to inspire the next generation of evangelists to reach the unreached, to further the Kingdom and to see the Gospel message proclaimed throughout world.

History of Dehes Ministries

Humble Beginnings

Sebastian Sugiarto is an Evangelist with an undying zeal and vision for Kalimantan. During those early days at the start of his ministry, God gave Sebastian a vision of Kalimantan. In the region Katingan, Sebastian saw Christianity booming at exponential growth, new churches were established in village after village and thousands of people were shouting the name of Jesus. Even though at that time there was little or no evidence in his ministry that such an idea was even remotely possible, Sebastian grab hold of that vision and in Jesus’ name began to speak it and live it.


In 1998 the evangelistic organization Living Water Ministries was born in Perth, Western Australia and a small group of believers gathered around Sebastian to reach out to the people of Kalimantan. In the same year, Sebastian also incorporated the Yayasan Rhema Air Hidup, a non-profit organization based in Indonesia to facilitate the development of the ministry in Kalimantan. Ps Benjamin Widjaja, the Senior Pastor of Rhema Ministries AOG church in Jakarta played an instrumental role in coordinating the work in Kalimantan from Jakarta whilst Sebastian operates from Australia when he is home with his family.


While the construction of Dehes Mission Base was underway, the preaching of the Word began to produce a harvest of souls. The signs-following Gospel and news that God was doing miracles soon spread from village to village. As the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the natives Dayaks, they streamed forward to give their life to Jesus. The vision has become a reality. It was a sight to behold. This gracious move of the Holy Spirit has continued in the villages wherever the Gospel is preached.

In 2007, Living Water Ministries took on a new name and today it is known as Dehes Ministries. In Indonesian, “Dehes” means “deras” and in English, it means “swift or rapidly flowing water”. The village Dehes was a very strategic central location chosen by God to enable His servants to reach all the villages along the upper and lower streams of the Katingan River in Central Kalimantan. On hindsight, synonymous with its name “Dehes”, it reflects the speed in which God intends to extend His grace and mercy to the lost in this region. The vision and mission of Dehes Ministries has intentionally been kept simple: “TO WITNESS, TO SAVE and TO BUILD FOR CHRIST”. Evangelist Sebastian Sugiarto remains as the founder and key person of Dehes Ministries.

Dehes Ministries Logo

Dehes Logo

The Dehes logo design and tag line are original works by Joel Wang of Forever Light Network. Following points are from their presentation in September 2007 for the new identity of Dehes Ministries.

Design Requirement

The Logo is for the new Dehes Ministries. Dehes means “strong surge of water” in Indonesian. The Logo has to try to encompass the idea of Church and water.

Comparisons to existing Logos

Church logos will tend to use standard symbols like a cross, globe, Bible, or a dove. There are also some logos based on water, or a river. Water logos are commonly used by water supply companies, a drop of two of water is commonly used.

The proposed Logo must not be similar to any know logos of Churches, Ministries, or Water Companies.

Design Principles

Cross: This was decided as essential to show Christian beliefs.

  • Colour of brown was chosen to imply a wooden cross.
  • Cross to show a Christ based attitude and a humble spirit to serve others.
  • Water Drops: This is to reflect the name of Dehes, a Ministry based on the river areas of Kalimantan. The water drops are also arranged like the long winding rivers of Kalimantan.

  • Colour of blue was chosen, as a standard colour for fresh water.
  • Water itself to mean live, living waters of Life.
  • Three drops of water to show the Trinity of God.
  • The water drops appear to come out of the Cross.
  • Overall, this Logo is to show the Christ-centered principles of this Ministry.

    Dehes Ministries Tagline

    Keywords in Latin: Speciō, Sozō, Sedeō

    Keywords in English: to witness, to save, to build

    This tagline is in line with the vision of Dehes Ministries as shared by Evangelist Sebastian Sugiarto, the founder and key person of Dehes Ministries.