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Giving for His Glory (Jan 11)

It is 1:00am in the morning and I am writing to you from my room in Tumbang Tarusan. I had just finished the last of the Christmas celebration services in the base churches in Katingan ›››

The Love for God (Aug 10)

Coming home. I was warned of the cold and chilly winter but nothing prepared me for the two degree freezing morning when my plane landed in Perth. What a change it was, after spending nearly ›››

What is in store for 2010 ? (Jan 10)

Pressing on ahead at full pace. When I was trekking in between villages in Katingan recently, a young man stopped me and asked, “Pastor, when will you finish building churches here?”. I have ›››

Tumbang Tarusan (Sep 09)

It is my privilege to be a servant of God. My heart is overwhelmed with joy to witness how God is working to fulfill His plan for the region of Katingan, Central Kalimantan. It is mind-boggling to have the ›››

New Year Message (Jan 2009)

Happy New Year 2009! Another year has just slipped away and each year we seem to ask ourselves the same thing, “Where has the year gone?” For me, it has gone incredibly fast and when I look back at 2008, praise God, I could see all the ›››

New Land at Tumbang Samba, Kalimantan (Aug 08)

You can only imagine what THRILL, PRIVILEGE and JOY it is to send this newsletter to you. By the time you read this newsletter, we are in the process of constructing another new church. Our hearts are ›››

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