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New Church in Tumbang Kaman, Kalimantan (Jan 08)

I have arrived once again from overseas on this special season when we are about to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior! As you and I sing songs about His birth, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on His great work in Indonesia. You have ›››

Global Mandate Missions Expo (Jan 07)

There are two things that bring delight to my life: one, when I see the miracles of God while I do His work and two, when He sends me home safely to Perth. It is indeed true there is no place like home and I feel good to be in Perth again after traveling ›››

Mission Trip to East Java and Central Kalimantan (Jun 06)

The party in Indonesia is over for now, I whispered to myself as I stepped inside the Perth Airport. To me, a long mission trip to Indonesia and traveling to many places to preach the Gospel is like having a big party, a party of the Holy Ghost of course ›››

Kingdom’s Work in Indonesia (Dec 05)

This trip would have to be the longest time that I had spent in the harvest field since I started Kingdom’s work for I have been away in Indonesia for 5 months. What an incredible blessing to experience the wonders of our Almighty God as I travelled ›››

Mission Base in Dehes, Kalimantan (Apr 05)

The trees have started to shed their leaves as the cooler wind gently blows signaling that autumn is well on its way. I have just returned to Perth after spending 11 weeks in Indonesia and first of all, let me express my joy in announcing to you that ›››

Evangelism in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore (Nov 04)

The winter days were still cold, dark and wet when I left Perth eight weeks ago but now it is spring and it feels good to be home again. Every evangelism trip is exciting and challenging but this recent one has a different dimension because ›››

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