Perth 7 May 2018


Psalm 127:4 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.”

Dear Friends and supporters

For many years now, God has placed a burden in my heart to not forget about the children whenever and wherever He directed us to build His church. And so I have been carrying this weight and yearn for the day to come when we are able to do this work for our Lord. Praise be to God that only just recently that we have finally kicked start the project which focus solely on reaching out to the children. I am so thrilled to see the birth of this exciting ministry which I know will please and bless the heart of our Heavenly Father.

The Children Ministry by nature is a specialised ministry which requires extra care and attention therefore it needs a dedicated team of workers who are called specifically to serve in this line of work. Beyond the “ad hoc” Children Ministry which we have in all the churches we have planted, we were restricted to undertake more expansive work simply because we do not have any workers. But by the grace of God, since we started our Bible College, there are a few “bright star” graduates who are passionate and called to serve in this ministry.

In early March 2018, God impressed in my heart that the time is NOW to start this ministry to the scale which He wants done. I shared this vision with our Bible College team and praise the Lord, God has already prepared one permanent staff member and four graduates who are busting with passion, enthusiasm and excitement to work 100% on developing the Children Ministry. Unbeknown to me, they have been praying incessantly for “Om” (uncle) to be stirred in his heart to do something about evangelising the children and winning them for Jesus. God is truly working amongst us to fulfil His purpose and plan for Katingan.

The team got to work immediately and they put together a framework in which they will evangelise the children village by village, with program to follow-up on teaching the kids the Word of God as well as helping them with their secular school work. The team started their first project in Tumbang Kaman and the surrounding villages and in their first gathering, they attracted 300 children to the service, glory to God! This outcome exceeded our expectation and now we understand why our Lord has been pressing for this ministry to start. Our Lord Jesus knows that to impact and transform the region for His glory, we have to touch the hearts of the children as they are truly the future generations of believers and leaders.

While this ministry is still in the infancy stage, the Children Ministry team has set-up a program where they will run four outreach (evangelistic) sessions a year interleaved with follow-up programs to ensure that all the children are continuously kept in the loop of learning the Word of God. The ultimate aim is for them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and we are committed to the task of winning these souls one by one.

The Children Ministry is a very resource intensive ministry. Beyond the current temporary arrangement, we anticipate that we will have to employ our graduates to continue to work in this ministry. We will also have to equip the team so that they can travel to different locations to run the outreach programs as well as to do the follow-up teachings. For each of the gathering, the team also prepare small gifts for the children to attract and motivate them to come to the service so that they may get to know our Lord Jesus. As most of these children come from small villages and their parents only have meagre earnings, it would be such a blessing for us to able to give each of the children a Bible as they journey with us to get to know our Lord and Saviour. There is an intercessory prayer team which has been set-up specifically for this ministry because we are going to need the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit as well as substantial financial support for this work to be effective and fruitful.

We are entering an exciting and new phase of our ministry, and one such new work is the Children Ministry. This ministry is not just for the benefit of one church but for the entire network of churches which we have planted for the past 17 years. This is truly harvest time.

For the campsite project which we started in late 2017, by the grace of God, we hope to complete all the construction work by end September 2018. Just two weeks ago, we engaged a team of four workers to help with the tiling jobs while our workers focus on completing all the construction works. Once these jobs are done, we will have to furnish and fit-out the buildings before the facilities are ready to be used by November/December 2018.

There is plenty of work to be done and we would so much appreciate your prayer. We thank you for your continued support and we know our God will bless you multifold for all that you have sown and invested for His work and His kingdom. May God’s blessings and divine favour be upon each of you as we journey together to impact the Katingan region for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ev Sebastian

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